Personal Travel Experience

Personal Travel Experience

Is a Cusco-based Travel and Tourism Company with ten years experience in the development of tourism that promotes Andean identity and aims to improve the living conditions of local communities. Our company philosophy is based on the principles of Andean culture; Munay (Love), Yachay (Wisdom), Llankay (Work) and Ayni (Solidarity).

OUR STUFF is comprised entirely of local residents who are the direct beneficiaries of our programs in both the city and the rural communities of Cusco: they are peasants, artisans, musicians, local guides, professionals, family members and small businesses. We develop voluntary programs and projects with schools, homes for street children and orphanages.

Personal Travel’s programs are characterized by a desire to share our Andean culture with visitors, through itineraries that allow a total immersion in local customs and provide travelers with a unique insight that enriches their lives and aims to contribute to making the world a better place for us all.

Why Personal Travel?

During their twenty-five years of travel experience, the founders of our company have learned that interaction between visitors and the community comes from a culture of service.

Our company policy is based on fomenting local development and alleviating poverty through tourism, whilst respecting Mother Earth “Pachamama”.

In recognition of our work, in 2005 we were voted the Best Living and Rural Tourism Travel Agency in Cusco.

Integrated management system policy

PERSONAL TRAVEL is a company recognized for its continuous commitment to Responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Peru, offering quality cultural services and programs based on values, thus contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

PERSONAL TRAVEL offers services oriented to respect cultural and environmental heritage, promotes a healthy and honest relationship with its clients and suppliers, through integrity, justice, honesty, respect and solidarity, with the purpose of guaranteeing memorable experiences and cultural exchange between Visitors and the community visited.

All decisions and actions of the company are oriented towards the achievement of this policy complying at all times with the technical standards and legal requirements applicable to our services.

Our commitments


Environment and Sustainability

Social responsibility


We are a competitive team, we develop cultural and experiential educational services and programs, we are committed to quality, we are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and economically inclusive.

We manage unique and memorable travel experiences for visitors in interaction with local communities, generating tourist programs with community projects, respecting cultural and natural heritage, putting into practice our business philosophy of Munay, the force of love, Yachay, the power of knowledge, Llankay, labor and work, as well as Ayni, reciprocity, in order to achieve the Sumak Kawsay, the Good Living.


Personal Travel is a tourism company recognized for its leadership and commitment to the management of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, with quality, authenticity and innovation of its services and programs, with continuous improvement processes, generating positive impacts. We are oriented to make tourism become an extraordinary experience for the visitor and the local population and that tourism becomes a development factor for our destination and Peru.


Address: Portal de Panes Nº 123 Of. 109 Main Square
Cusco - Peru
Phone: +51 84 225518
Movil: +51 84 984951003 - 984951004