Personal Travel Experience

Aditional Information

Code of Business Ethics

Be a team with heart, passion and emotion.
Working for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.
Contribute to Social, Economic, Cultural and Environmental Development.
Support the understanding and respect of cultures.
Contribute to World Peace and the Fraternity of Peoples.
Apply the Principles of the Ethical-World Tourism Code.
Promote Human, Fair and Solidary practices internal and external.
Maintain our image and reputation as a company.
Commitment to current legal and regulatory compliance.

Visitor's Code

Live with our people and enjoy it.
Share our culture and respect it.
Demand that your travels be responsible to the planet.
Do not give tips and gifts without authorization from the communities.
Do not take photos without authorization.
Respect the children and adolescents.
Help us protect our natural and cultural heritage.
Share a full and happy experience.

Securities Code

Safety tips for visitors



Address: Portal de Panes NÂș 123 Of. 109 Main Square
Cusco - Peru
Phone: +51 84 225518
Movil: +51 84 984951003 - 984951004